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Work from home
Work from home

Post covid was the harbinger of work from home to most people. Before then it wasn't a thing. LoL. However some of us still find it so difficult to find a job from home. It's either the jobs are limited to just US residents or other nations. I really wish I can get a job from home. I am a law and I have experience in customer support services. Also I will appreciate if anyone drop links of companies currently recruiting. Thank you.
Sep 20, 2022
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I used to work at home during covid season, but my company push employees to work at the office So sad
Justazi user Judyjams
I don't think I have worked from home before and at this point, I am really hoping I get an opportunity to work from home. Opportunities are just not available or maybe I am unlucky to see the right opportunities
Justazi user chiresiana5
I don't think so. I think there will be more and more opportunities for you especially since you are a lawyer and have experience in customer support services, you will have a chance anywhere. My friend is also a lawyer, although he doesn't completely work from home, but commutes almost freely. I wish you luck🥰
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