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Only Jesus can save
My content this morning is nothing but awakening💕👌
The bible say, "for God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him will not perish but have everlasting life. God is indeed a loving father that he decided to send Jesus Christ for you and I so that we will not perish.
Despite the sacrifice, despite the love, many of us have heard the good news countless time but because devil is fighting with our soul, he hardens our heart so that we will not even imagine the sacrifice and love he has for us. He hardens our heart for us to trust in that wicked and stupid act of us and many of us find it difficult to do his will.

I am chating you today to remember God your creative and return back to him if you are still in sin. Jesus loves you
Sep 19, 2022
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