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Intresting to know before going to Engineering
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1:Engineering is the best field for those people who are good at mathematics and physics.
2:In every day many peoples will join the field of engineering and find jobs buts others cannot find jobs because they cannot choose the best and most popular fields of engineering.
3:The first thing is to first choose which field of engineering you are interested in and want to work in engineering.
4:There are too many types of engineering but the success and demand as shown below:
a: Electrical engineering
b: Mechanical engineering
c: Chemical engineering
d: Computer engineering
e: Automotive engineering
f: Civil engineering
g: Software engineering.....and many others.
5:So, you should choose your field first and then achieve your goal.
6:I will advise you to choose automotive and software engineering.
The best thing about engineering is that it has a high salary for your choice of selection.
8:The important thing is that you should work hard in engineering you will achieve your goal.
9:A successful engineer should think of different ideas to make life easier with their invention and hard work.
10:Set your goal and work hard you will achieve the goal you want.
Sep 21, 2022
1 week
As a chemical engineer, I highly recommend computer engineering. It's potential is unlimited
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Created in Sep 21, 2022