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As part of the qualification pathway for ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 in India, the Challenge League features 12 arising nations around the world, resolve into two groups and with each platoon playing 15 matches across three legs. Just outside of Toronto, the Maple Leaf North- West installation in King City hosts the current leg. Canada claimed the first match of the leg, defending 219 against Denmark for a 74- run palm.DillonHeyliger's5/ 34( 8) averted any Danish response, with Nicholas Kirton( 48) and Saad bin Zafar( 43) before setting the game up with the club on a slow face. It means the Canadians go clear at the top of the Group A table on ten points( five triumphs), with alternate- placed Singapore( eight points) playing their first match of the leg on Thursday. Qatar( six points) is in third place, with Denmark's defeat meaning they remain in fourth. Malaysia and Vanuatu( two points) take up fifth and sixth independently. What's the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Challenge League? In what's effectively the third league of 50- over transnational justice, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Challenge League sits below the Cricket World Cup Super League and League 2 competitions. Twelve armies are resolve into two groups of six( League A and League B), with armies playing three round- robin legs. armies must finish top of their six- platoon group after the three legs to move to the Cricket World Cup Qualifier Play- off and keep their dream of India 2023 alive. Matches in the Challenge League are codified as List A institution
Sep 21, 2022
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