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UK, France, Germany condemn Iran nuclear drive
UK, France, Germany condemn Iran nuclear drive

LONDON: Britain, France and Germany on Tuesday condemned Iran’s expansion of its nuclear program after the UN atomic watchdog confirmed that the Islamic republic was further enriching uranium.
The so-called “E3” governments said Iran was moving “well beyond” limits set down in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), a 2015 deal designed to curb its nuclear ambitions.
Iran has now “taken further significant steps in hollowing out the JCPoA,” the European governments said in a joint statement.
By enriching uranium up to 60 percent at its Fordo plant, Iran was challenging global non-proliferation, they said.
“This step, which carries significant proliferation-related risks, has no credible civilian justification,” the E3 countries said.
“We will continue to consult, alongside international partners, on how best to address Iran’s continued nuclear escalation.”
Nov 23, 2022
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