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Benedict XVI writes approximately ‘inner drama of being a Christian’ in new letter
Benedict XVI writes approximately ‘inner drama of being a Christian’ in new letter

In a brand new letter, Benedict XVI praised the story of a girl who lived “the inner drama of being a Christian” and committed her lifestyles to the religious come upon with Christ in eucharistic adoration and other practices.

The pope emeritus wrote that his personal private revel in was just like what Mother Julia Verhaeghe went via in a letter to the author of a new biography.

The author, Father Hermann Geissler, is a former respectable at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and a member of the Spiritual Family “The Work” that Mother Julia founded and Pope John Paul II certain as a own family of consecrated life in 2001.

In his letter to Geissler, made available to CNA, Benedict did no longer hide the reality that he had “the fear that her existence can be of little interest as an entire as it lacks any external drama.”
Benedict praised the writer for making “the inner drama of being a Christian seen, writing a truly charming biography. The outside direction of this existence, which leads from Belgium via Austria and Hungary to Rome, with a focal point in Austria, becomes a mirrored image of the interior route through which this woman turned into led.”

“In this way, the proper drama of existence turns into seen, that's discovered particularly within the stumble upon with Paul and, via him, with Christ himself, allowing others to retrace it,” Benedict delivered.

“All the outside and inner drama of faith is found in her existence. The anxiety described here is in particular charming because it is just like what I have experienced since the 1940s.”

The biography, titled “She Served the Church: Mother Julia Verhaeghe and the Development of The Spiritual Family The Work,” explores the length from 1950 to 2001, from the second postwar period to the popularity of the Family, 4 years after the founder’s dying in 1997.

The e-book is split into 4 parts and consists of memories, excerpts from Mother Julia’s letters, and different archival documents. Furthermore, the eBook contextualizes the lifestyles and picks of Mother Julia, connecting them to the situations of the time, of which Mother Julia become a cautious observer.
This hearth is the basis of the encounters that fashioned her existence: to start with, the one with St. Paul; then the one with Pope Pius XII, who appeared to her in a dream and who anticipated the Second Vatican Council; eventually, the stumble upon with Cardinal John Henry Newman, to whom “The Work” has a selected relationship.

These conferences and relationships are part of a spiritual direction to encountering Christ. Geissler’s eBook tells of these encounters with delicacy, with out sensationalism, demonstrating that prophecy comes best while one is open to listening.

From the assembly with Pius XII, a incredible intuition became born: the human and humanizing element of the Second Vatican Council will try and take over, going past what must be the middle of the Church, namely the sacred.
In the face of developing secularization, the Spiritual Family “The Work,” guided with the aid of Mother Julia, emphasized eucharistic adoration. It is a every day dependency in every house of “The Work.”

The e book also describes how Mother Julia felt the same enthusiasm and problem for a unified Europe, simply as Brussels turned into preparing to host the 1958 Expo. Her view become always one of spiritual renewal, of a return to Christ.

Perhaps there has been no outside drama, but the restlessness of Mother Julia’s soul that Benedict refers to is ideal, open to reflecting at the troubles of the time.

In Geissler’s e book, one perceives the steady amazement earlier than the thriller of Christ, which leads her, already aged, to visit the Holy Land and enjoy the barren region.
Sep 23, 2022
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