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Hot story-Episode 2 )My enjoyable moment as a driver😎 (😋Sweet pussy😋
Episode 2
)My enjoyable moment as a driver😎
(😋Sweet pussy😋

Before Reading Follow Up🤗

i day dream of her all the time… when will that moment come when my lips are glued to hers because i know i will one day end-up raping her because of her sex appeal… she also knows that I always watch her from the rear-view mirror… When the boss is not in the car… i drool…. I swallow my saliva in excitement… Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see her daily and it makes my day when i see her lusty & sultry looks. However, i just knew it in my mind and my heart that one fine day or at night i’m going to lock my lips to hers, latch onto her nipples sucking hungrily on her breasts,and fuck her brains inside & out… i just knew it.

I always used to rape her with my eyes.Whenever I used have eye contact with her,I used peep on her boobs,her exposed big deep navel,as she always wore saree very below in her lower flabby abdomen,her crotch and her whole figure with lusty eyes,and in the end I used to give her a wicked smile.But I always saw by such actions of mine she used to get very much irritated and angry as she used to frown and go away.She never could tell me anything as she didnt had any proof.I many times over heard that madam used to tell boss that she didnt like me at all,and I am not a good person and wanted me to be kicked out of my job as soon as possible.I guess she was a perfect loyal housewife,but my boss couldnt think anything more serious than his business.He used to reply madam that they were all madam’s complicated mind built stuff,and it was nothing like that as Mahemood is working here for more than ten years and he is very honest,by saying so he used to either go to sleep or sit with files of his businesses.Actually this behaviour of boss towards madam gave me courage to put my lusty glances on madam’s figure directly on her face,days after days.Actually my boss never paid any attention

Sep 18, 2022
1 week
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