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A call for women to pray and seek the Lord for the protection of their children.
I had a dream.
Where I saw a meeting held against women. The agenda was how can we pollute this generation.

This meeting was held by top ranking personalities. As I was looking, I saw that between the morning periods to 5pm. There was a covering over women which no harm could come to them. They also knew this. Then their chief gave a command for them to go after women who stayed out of the covering and defile them... As I was still observing.. I saw these people who where in the meeting going after women who excited the covering. They forcefully defile them by having sex with them and the women just did nothing about it because they were guilty of breaking their covenant with their maker. Due to this contamination they inserted into women, the children they were giving birth to where all children who went astray and departed from the way of their God.
Then I heard a cry from the heart of God. Oh woman awake and return to me in fasting and prayers for your children then I will clean them.
Sep 20, 2022
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Am here to encourage you that's almost giving up, no room for giving up now.
God will take you through the hard time.
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Created in Sep 17, 2022