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Enabling one to continuously think, feel, and express oneself creatively That's what it means to have a creative mindset. It is an open mindset that isn't rigid or closed. It's a way to look at the world and most obviously at yourself with awe.

The following traits of a creative Mindset include:
1 Embracing inventive ingenuity and unwavering desire to discover answers to issues or challenges;
2 Recognizing difficulties or challenges as chances for growth and learning;
3 Having an open mind and not having any preconceptions before entering the world;
4 Believing that there are countless potential solutions and that there is always more than one way to approach an issue or difficulty;
5 Realizing that seeking out a better perspective on the matter is far more vital than sticking with the one you currently have;
6 Readiness to investigate every solution available to solve a problem, issue, or challenge;
7 Recognizing the reality that creativity involves getting old ideas out of the head as well as seeking out innovative answers;
keeping the
8 Having the belief that ideas build upon each other and being open to borrowing, piggybacking, and leapfrogging on the concepts or methods of other industries in order to develop answers to your problem or work This isn't the best because it slows down data and although it's part of creativity but it's not advisable

Wi-Fi squatting" is another name for piggybacking. Although piggybacking typically has no harmful intent and is just done to obtain cheap network access, it might slow down data flow for authorized network users. (Source -


Piggybacking is the term for commandeering or stealing a wireless connection. Piggybacking is when you make use of a neighbor's connection. A prohibited practice where a broker imitates a client's deal. It's creativity but it's not advisable

Leapfrogging is to overcome or past another in order to gain control or a position of leadership.

In a leapfrog development, vacant lots closer to the city are bypassed in favor of new homes being built at a distance from an existing metropolitan center. In other words, rather than spending more money on land closer to the city, developers prefer to construct on less expensive land farther away from a major urban region. Creativity at work but not advisable


Use critical Thinking to Stop Playing Cognitive Leapfrog
The word fallacy originates from the Latin fallacia, meaning “to deceive.” Critical thinking skills aren't called “critical” without good reason. They help us avoid being pulled into the collective cognitive leapfrog and instead engage in disciplined thinking.
Stop Playing Cognitive Leapfrog by Using Critical Thinking

9 Not being afraid to evaluate insane or bizarre ideas in order to use them as a springboard or stepping stone for better answers;
Does the statement "Every artist has their own creative perspective" make sense? If so , why piggybacking and leapfrogging? Creativity has to be original. The you in you.

We frequently remark on how wonderfully imaginative drawings, theatrical play, and imagined language of young children are. Children employ color, themes, and innovative language in their writing. However, frequently, our main objectives are to keep kids safe and well, to educate them cognitive abilities like form and color recognition, to promote prosocial conduct, and to teach them fundamental reading and numeracy skills. There is less time to consider the value of encouraging children's creativity because so much effort must be committed to these areas.

1 Introduce the child to computer
Programming and coding
Introduce a child to computer programming or coding as one technique to foster their creative potential. Children today are surrounded by technology and games, yet we think it's a waste of time when youngsters are using their phones and computers. We don't see anything useful in that, which is why. Coding is the answer, therefore coding is the answer

2 WhiteHat Jr. is one of the most well-known and reliable systems that I have observed others using and recommending. The goal of WhiteHat Jr. is to tap into children's inherent creativity and change their perspective from being technology consumers to creators from an early age. They distinguish themselves from other EdTech platforms because of this. By creating their own original coding curriculum, which is focused on product creation and imparts its lessons through 1:1 live, interactive online classrooms, they are effectively achieving their goal and target. Young WhiteHat Currently, WhiteHat Jr. provides courses at five different levels.

3 Professional, Applied Tech for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and In a real-time online classroom, children develop sophisticated games, animations, and apps utilizing logic, structure, sequence, instructions, and algorithmic thinking. I have seen a lot of kids produce some fantastic apps on the WhiteHat Jr. platform because of their teachers' particular training in helping youngsters learn and love the process of coding.

Reactive people are the type of people who let the events in their lives dictate how they feel without truly giving the subject serious thought or investigation, they immediately assume the cause when something goes wrong. Every effect has a cause, which their ingrained mindsets assign.
Reactive thinkers tend to be more security-conscious and reliant on conventional ways of doing things in most aspects of their lives.

On the other side,
A creative mindset or thinking is receptive to fresh perspectives on issues or events. It is the capacity to constantly think, feel, and express oneself without restraint or reliance on established conventions. Independent thinkers and doers characterize those with innovative mindsets. They typically lead more independent lives in every aspect.

I'm most at ease considering creativity as a two-step process. We don't necessarily need to spend an hour on step one, followed by an hour on step two. The two steps can be completed concurrently, or they can repeat and build upon one another. Nevertheless, this is a useful perspective on creativity.

Dreaming of Writing a book or any
Artistic drawing
Wood carving, Lego or electronics At this stage, you will discover that Your imagination has glossed over one or two issues, therefore you need to come up with a creative solution. Additionally, you will find it tedious to remove little pieces of wood from the block that you are carving or your art. However, you can't just take off large chunks because the block might split or You might cut too deeply . You just need to focus on what you intended doing
Active mindset should play out when
Planning on bringing Creativity to life

Although you must perform the work,You must at least slightly like it.
You are planning the carving, actually doing the carving, and watching as it becomes incredibly smooth in your hands during the sanding stage all bring satisfaction. Without going into too much detail, You will adore the wood's sensual feel in your hands. In fact, for you, that might be the third level or step. the satisfaction of using the finished product.
Being creative evolves your mindset
The weather, the cloud,the sea .the sea waves,ocean, colors, rhythm, sounds,forests, nights, day, etc
Brings out the Creativity in us
Sep 23, 2022
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