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In need of assurance
Can one actually become wealthy by investing/ trading in Cryptocurrency? I want to jump in but am a bit skeptical.
modified - Sep 22, 2022
Just in my opinion, I think the recent cryptocurrency is a gamble game. There is almost no values on there. If you are good at read the trend enough to win the game, it's okay to invest. If you want to invest in long term, I think only BTC is valueable because it's initial crypto. And the most important thing is, please invest with a small sum before invest your precious money. I wish you a luck!
4 days
I just tell you one thing. Study enough before the invest. Idk why ppl inest(Even if I don't think it's invest) their valuable money without STUDYING! Some are earn money even though their foolish selection, but you always consider that there are much more ppl who lose their seeds. So please study before you invest. Just IMAO
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4 days
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