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Hot Story-My enjoyable moment as a driver😎 (😋Sweet pussy😋)
Episode 1
My enjoyable moment as a driver😎
(😋Sweet pussy😋)

My name is Mahemood and I’m a driver for a rich family in Kolkata. I drive a beautiful Mercedes for a rich industrialist. He has a beautiful young wife,Minu Sharma. She is 26 years old beauty with massieve volupterous figures.She has one daughter of 6 years old. Minu is as beautiful as the Mercedes I drive, perfect round breasts like the headlights on the car, she must be more than d size cup, a bit thick body shaped like the car but not fat by any means, full lips, big appealing eyes for sure,and a smile that can kill any man easily.Her bums were to look at.Her bum chicks were HUGE.When she used to walk,her each bums used to jiggle like two jel bags,by each of her steps.I always watched her midriff,the area not covered by the saree. Even I splur at her navel.Her navel is the cuttest I have ever seen.It is as big as one rupee coin,and very deep on a flabby tummy.
By the manner she looks at me from the rear-view mirror to give me orders,only by looking at her eyes through mirror, my dick flings. She always wears tight blouses, poking her nipples through the fabric, sometimes in Kolkata heat and due to lots of sweat, one can see clearly the impression of her nipples on her blouse, sometimes I think she doesn’t wear any bra, i guess due to heat but i also sometimes see her blouse wet from her sweat.

Madam mostly wears very low thin sleeveless blouses by which her huge busts always bulges out.When ever I open the door of the car for her,i notice that she bends to get in, her huge busts bulges out,from below her transperent pallu of her saree. mmm…. I peek at her when she does this, it turns my tool on, and my god i cannot stop thinking about grabbing and smoooooch her juicy jugs at that very moment…

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Sep 18, 2022
1 week
Where did you get it? It's funny
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