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Be a famous creator through our service

For the beginner creators
momentori media platform
onedayonepic media platform

Global media platform

We want to use the latest technologies and creative ideas to provide people's preferred content and make the world richer and more diverse through this.


  • Understanding and respecting various languages and cultures.
  • Provides information and content in a wide range of fields


Delivering the best user experience

We collect and analyze the most popular content on the Internet to provide you with the best user experience. Our team is constantly discovering new ideas.

  • Communicate and collaborate with creators
  • Detailed analysis information
  • Balancing Users and Creators

differentiated content


Numerous creators from all over the world participate and provide various contents they have produced

  • Always try new things
  • Reflects the customer's different tastes
  • Fits your lifestyle
key features

Our Products

Best place to measure your influence

Momentori is a media platform

that posts short videos or images

Compete against other talented individuals
and experience the adrenaline of victory.

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Values Pursued

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